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One things that Iíve discovered is that 1:1 and team coaching is one of the most powerful tools available when it comes to creating positive change in organizations.† I am passionate about coaching because it works; it is a also very respectful process that once experienced by an individual can quickly become very contagious!Ē

At Intrality we specialise on the real hands on practicalities of improving performance by treating people as individuals; applying respectful, creative and solutions-focused techniques to solve problems like:

 How do I support and develop the skills and self-awareness of leaders Iím asking to deliver transformational change across my organization?

 How do I engage, mobilise and support a team of change managers and champions to drive
through these changes and make sure that they stick?

 How do I engage, train and support my staff to make these vital long-term changes to working practices, attitudes and processes?

 How do I improve the skills and attitudes of my teams so that we shift our culture towards one of performance management, continuous improvement or excellence customer service?

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Emma Gage
Director and lead consultant at Intrality

ďI have spent over a decade of my professional life investing my energy and enthusiasm in discovering practical and lasting ways to connect organizational strategy to the reality of what happens everyday.

Iíve come from the world of delivering people change on large IT led transformation and culture change programmes.† In working out how to make changing things easier for individuals and teams Iíve started learning about and applying new technologies and approaches to change.†